Foodtech challenge

Shortlisted Teams

30 shortlisted start-ups have been selected from 667 submissions across 79 countries!

50% of the proposals were focused on tackling food production – with a focus on insect farming and aquaculture, farm management, plant-based solutions, and precision farming. Applications addressing food loss and waste solutions account for the other 50% of the shortlisted start-ups – which featured food waste tech, food sharing platforms, supply chain monitoring, and traceability as key themes.

Food Loss and Waste

Name Description Country
Chemometric Brain A unique cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for food quality control aimed at fostering digitization of quality and supply chains to ensure the supply of safe and sustainable food Spain
Coffee Resurrect The first Biotech company in Africa to create nutraceuticals and Food ingredients from coffee waste Ethiopia
Food ATM Preventing food wastage by providing affordable meals for lower income communities & workers UAE
Fotortec Upcycling vegetable waste into sustainable protein ingredients to help food producers deliver products better aligned with consumers health, environmental, and social expectations USA
Kafoodle An intelligent software solution connecting commercial kitchens to consumers and allowing them access to full food information across the supply chain UK
NATURPOD A product that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer Spain
Neolithics High visibility, non-destructive, industrial quality control systems for fresh produce supply chain to maximize value and minimize waste Israel
Novfeed A proprietary chemical-free biotechnological platform where organic waste is converted into a natural, traceable, and safe non-animal and non-GMO protein source to be used in aquaculture Tanzania
Orbisk AI image recognition technology leveraging automation to quantify food waste in professional kitchens seamlessly, reducing food waste and improving sustainability and profitability Netherlands
PostHarvest A highly accurate, real-time monitoring sensor providing information on fresh produce in cold storage Australia
Revoltech A unique patent-pending freezing technology that keeps cells alive UAE
SolarXWorks An applied solar company focused on real world solutions that help customers reduce costs, improve access to energy, drive energy efficiencies, and increase revenue US
TRACER A serialization and traceability as a service platform within an interoperable blockchain platform that brings supply chain nodes together, extending benefits to manufacturers, retail chains and customers UAE
Uvera An IoT device that increases the shelf-life of food within only 30-seconds, with an AI-powered app that builds an online food inventory and predicts food spoilage KSA
Yeap A sustainable yeast-based protein (functional and Bulk in the form of TVP -Texturized Vegetable Protein) made from spent yeast Israel

Food Production

Name Description Country
Airponix A smart, soil-less and sustainable game changing fog-based technology to grow nutritious food crops locally with 95% less water UK
Aquagrain A cleantech soil improver produced from food waste that delivers more crops with less water UK
AQUALIFE iFARMS An organization transforming food waste to animal feed and fertiliser using black soldier flies Nigeria
Blue Aqua Foodtech An alternative protein producer that will replace fishmeal with insect protein as the main source of protein used in fish feed Singapore
Circa Biotech Improving organic waste management in urban cities by converting food waste into protein, oil and organic fertiliser for nutritious chicken and fish feed, and fertilizer UAE
FreezeM “Making insect farming simple by providing ready-to-use packages of “”larvae seeds”” with extended shelf-life to insect farmers worldwide” Israel
Future By Insects An integrated approach of microalgae-based carbon sequestration, wastewater treatment and insect farming to upcycle food waste, demonstrating sustainability and circularity (CO2>Algae>Insects) UK
Insect Feed Technologies Converting food waste into sustainable, all-natural insect products for food production. Singapore
Midbar Cultivating crops with water harvested from the air in inflatable Aeroponic farms Korea
NAX Solutions Helping growers make smarter decisions using satellite information, to produce more, consuming less resources Spain
Onami Foods Algae and plant-based seafood France
SeaSpire Developing whole-cut seafood alternatives using plant-based proteins and 3D bioprinting. India
Sustainable Planet Growing plant-based protein (water lentils) on non-arable land and creating a protein isolate from the fastest growing plant on our planet UK
Terraform Food Alternative food sources with precision fermentation (animal-free dairy products) Uruguay
We Balance A new generation of healthy proteins, foods and beverages, and confectioneries created using fungi-micro biotechnology Vietnam